Biorites India Private Limited is a new age agricultural firm which focuses on organic and bioinputs like growth promoters, nanofertilizers, micro organisms, immuno inducers and nutrient pellets. As an agricultural firm committed to enhancing produce quality and the lives of the farmers who make it.
Biorites bases its bioinput products on two principles:

Disease and Pest prevention through Nutrition management

Plants by nature have the ability to fight diseases and pests when there is a rich supply of enzymes and nutrients capable of triggering and supplementing growth promoter activities and plant metabolism. All of Biorites products are designed and formulated to boost the basic immune systems.

Long term Soil fertility enhancement

We understand the plant and soil conditions and work with farmers to provide scheduled package of inputs and a result the soil fertility gradually increases and the beneficiary micro organisms which are a vital composition of our products further help in improving aeration and activity in the soil.


Let's make Agriculture Better...

Join us to develop better and sustainable agriculture solutions together. Contact us today to discuss how Biorites products can help your crop.